So a few weeks back, as I tried to figure out how I could balance my hectic life and making sure I get back to giving you all so new content, I decided that having 2 blogs is too much.

While the two let me focus on separate topics without having too much overlap, I would find myself focusing on one blog more than the other… which of course meant less content for one group of followers. That just wasn’t fair.

In light of this, I have created a new blog to merge two two I’ve been running. I’m not switching up my focus too much. My cooking, diy, and fashion inspirations (among many others) come mostly from Pinterest and I spend hours browsing my favourite categories: Home Decor, Women’s Fashion, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, DIY & Crafts, and Health & Beauty. Since my two blogs drew much of the content from Pinterest, it was easy to merge the two and I knew I HAD to have a reference to it in my blog name. And as some of you know, I’m a HUGE GEEK. Huge. So I wanted to make sure that was eluded to as well. Lastly, I love writing, so my blog name had to be fun, whimsical, and lyrical. So… 

Welcome to Pins & Weedles!

I hope you will join me, if you’re so inclined. I promise to keep the Pinspiration flowing!


Snowmageddon – DIY Spring Wreath

If you live anywhere near the GTA then you know that we’re currently living through what I hope is our LAST snowmageddon of the winter and spring can’t come quickly enough.

Being snowed in inspired me to finally make my spring wreath. I’ve never been a wreath person, but since we actually OWN our place now, I went decoration-crazy for Christmas and ended up making a wreath. I’m super proud of it and think it’s lovely, and since it’s not actually Christmas themed it’s been living on my front door from December until now as a winter wreath.

I got my supplies for it at Michael’s way back in November and for about 20$, a couple glue sticks, and lots of scissor work (to get the floral stems and picks into pieces!) I ended up with this lovely creation.

Winter Wreath
Festive winter wreath
Winter Wreath detail
Isn’t the flower gorgeous? It was obviously the focus of the wreath

But now it’s time to coax out the warm weather and sunny days, green grass, flowers, and beautiful colours. So of course I hit up Michael’s again and Dollarama for some inexpensive pieces to chop up and reassemble to make a wreath I’d love.

Traditional round wreaths are nice and all but I wanted something fun and different. Of course I came across an adorable bunny wreath and knew it would be perfect. It came with some glittery eggs already attached, so I removed most of them and added bits and pieces from some spring florals and picks. And for a grand total of about 7$, I now have a springy bunny wreath to remind me that the snow will melt soon enough!

Spring wreath
Simple and cute! And works before and after Easter!
Spring wreath detail
Eggs and flower detail
Spring wreath detail
I adore the little nest with the eggs!

I hope spring shows up soon wherever you are (and I’m super jealous if you aren’t under a pile of snow)!

*Please not that all ideas and experiences are my own. This post is not endorsed by Michael’s, Dollarama, or any other third party.

I’m Lucky :)

Yesterday was pretty crappy. Not much sleep from the day before (little one’s tooth was cutting through, poor thing), that time of the month, sugar cravings, and a very clingy baby made me a very grouchy lady.

What did I crave most of all? Gummy bears and cake. I had neither of course, and while I know I have ingredients to make cake, I didn’t want to do that and a normal cake wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted “fake cake”. You know, the white, preservative-filled cake with the over-sweet from-powder icing you can get at the grocery store bakery? Or the massive cakes at Costco? Yeah. That’s what I wanted.

I had decided to get a Fake Cake when I stopped by the grocery store for berries today. But guess what? They had NO Fake Cake!!! I didn’t want some delicious, proper cake! I wanted Fake Cake!

I went home dejected and texted the hubby about my dilemma. Then went on with my day.

Hubby, though, is amazing, and decided that not only did I need cake, I also need flowers. So he bought me Fake Cake on his way home from work. And he got me those gorgeous flowers.

Way to turn a grouchy wife into uber-happy wife. I’ve got the best hubby in the world. And it’s not just because of Fake Cake, but that’s one of the many reasons.

Expectation vs. Reality

I’m late. Again.
I promised a post for Monday, but between cranky baby (can tooth #3 just show up already? Is that last thin layer of gum tissue really that hard to get through??), appointments, and a need for sleep (I’ve been told it’s important), I haven’t been able to write a proper post until today. I’m sorry.

On the other hand, I’m not as sorry as I feel should be I suppose. Even just this week has put my expectations for this blog, along with some other things, into perspective and I now realise that I can be  over-ambitious to say the least. It is for this reason that I’ve decided that, as fun and important this blog is for me, my family (especially my little one), and my need for time to myself come first.

My super-ambitious self would love to do 4 posts a week as I had originally planned, but I’m going to cut back to 2 weekly posts instead. This way they won’t be rushed and my blog won’t become a chore for me (I mean, who actually likes chores??).

I’m not into the whole ‘New year, new me!’ stuff because I know it’s not who I am. I’m not going to pretend that just because I’ve had to buy a new calendar I’m going to go from being a low-excercising-major-cake-lover to a gym bunny who lives on green goddess thickies, kale chips, and detox water. Sorry. If you love all that stuff, awesome! I’m going to envy you at least a little. Then I’ll have some cake. And because I don’t want to be overweight I’ll follow it with some yoga… Balance, people!! (I don’t want to know how much yoga I need to burn off a slice of cake).

I know some people like following blogs that have set weekly posts. I can’t promise you that. Sorry. I can promise two awesome posts every week, though, and I very much hope you’ll be as excited to read then as I will be to write them.

New year, old me… With a bit of a more accurate view of what I want to do and what I can do.

Now, it’s time for the little one and I to have lunch!

See you all next time!

Happy Holidays!!

I know I’ve been MIA lately, and I’ve really been itching to write more for you all, but time is limited and since Santa hasn’t granted me my wish for 28-hour days during the holidays, I’ll have to make do with what I have. I’ll be back on January 4 with new posts for you all.

On another note…


Baby’s First Christmas 2015 ornament (Hallmark)
Happy Christmas, Happy holidays, and Happy New Year to all of you wonderful people on the Interwebz!! May the holiday season be filled with love, laughter, and happiness and may 2016 be a year of health, wealth, and prosperity!


Star Ornament
2013 Swarovski Annual Ornament
**Please note that all experiences/views are my own and are not influenced/endorsed by any third party. The ornaments featured are from my personal collection.

Unleashed Evil

I was going to post my review of another delicious recipe today, but in light of the terrible and heartbreaking events happening in Paris now, I will instead dedicate this post to the innocent victims and their families. And it had to happen two days after the day of Rememberance for the end of the First World War.


Peace for Paris
Peace for Paris by Banksy
I don’t have the words to describe what I feel when I hear of these attacks. It’s not the first of them and I’m sad to think that these aren’t the last. The amount of hate, pain, intolerance, rage… And more in this world makes me worry for our future. What kind of world will my little one live in?

On the other hand, I see the articles about the Parisians that have opened their homes to those that needed a place to stay. You see donations of food, clothes, medication, money… not only now but with every disaster or calamity. That gives me hope.

All of this reminds me that although evil does and will always exist, we need to focus on and try to be the good, the hope, the love that this world so desperately needs. Cliché? Maybe. True? Definitely.

What I learned from Pinterest…

It’s happened to almost everyone I know.

You’re browsing Pinterest, looking for something delicious and not too hard to try for dinner this week. You settle on that one recipe that promises you an easy 30-minute meal on a busy weeknight. Awesome! Tomorrow you’ll be leaving the office late anyways and the little ones have practise, so your other half will be rushing them home and there will be several growling tummies to feed. And honestly, who has time to make a three-course meal at 6:30 pm anyways?

You pin this promising recipe and pop out during your already-short lunch break to pick up the ingredients you’re inevitably missing, stick them in the fridge in the lunchroom, and write yourself a post-it to remember to take it home.

You’re finally in the kitchen, tired but excited to give this new recipe a shot. You pull it up and get to work. Prep time, 10 minutes… Cook time, 20 minutes. Now this you can handle! You toss the ingredients into the counter and get to work. After about 20 minutes, the chicken is chopped, the garlic minced, the sauce whisked together, and the pan is heated and ready to cook. You frown, shrug, and begin to cook. The timer goes off and you check the broccoli. Still hard. You add a few minutes to the timer and drain the pasta. You check the chicken… Almost perfect! The timer goes off again, but the broccoli feels underdone. You sigh, cover the pasta to keep it warm, keep checking the broccoli every few minutes, and finish the chicken.

Finally, after nearly 40 minutes of cooking, dinner is on the table! Everyone tucks in, muttering about how yummy it is and how it’s a nice change from the usual Wednesday night spaghetti bologonese. You take your first bite… It’s yummy, if not a bit too spicy, and the pasta is almost cold, but hey… It’s something new. But was it a quick meal? Not really.

An hour in the kitchen instead of 30 minutes when everyone is grumpy, hungry, and tired is not an ideal. You go back into the kitchen to put away leftovers and clean up. You look at the mess, sigh again, and decide there and then that next Wednesday is spaghetti night again.


There are so many great recipes out there, and with Pinterest, everyone is being tempted to try the latest, most-pinned quick fixes and easy meals. So often, though, once you get down to trying the recipe you’ve been keeping for that special dessert or quick dinner, you find that things are just… A little off. The recipe takes too long, is too salty, too spicy, not seasoned enough, or has ingredients not listed in the actual body of the recipe. It doesn’t mean the recipe is a flop or that you won’t try it, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that the one-pot, 30-minute meal actually takes 45 minutes and would be better if you omitted that extra teaspoon of pepper?

Well, you’re in luck! That’s why I’m here! I have found so many amazing recipes on Pinterest… But I’ve found that quite a few of them require some tweaks or should have the cooking or prep time extended by quite a bit. I’ve made amazing recipes from well-loved blogs such as Damn Delicious and Sally’s Baking Addiction, and others from cookbooks or less-known blogs. And while I’ve enjoyed (almost) every recipe I’ve tried, I wish someone had told me that the cooking time on the broccoli was going to be 20 minutes instead of 5.

That’s what the Recipe Recruit is all about… I try (usually) popular recipes I find on Pinterest (or elsewhere, but usually it’s from there), post the ‘tweaks’ I’ve had to make with respect to things like cooking or prep time or level of spiciness, and make your adventures in the kitchen a little easier. I make the mistakes so you don’t have to!

So pull up a chair, grab a cup of tea (or coffee), and let’s have a chat about that amazing chocolate cake from last week, shall we? Wasn’t it just the fudgey-est, most delectable thing ever?