Am I “Glow”-ing Yet?

Hello lovelies!

It’s been waaaaaay too long since I’ve posted, and I’m very sorry about the MIA-ing here and there. Over the past month I was busy trying out new recipes on my Pinterest board and planning my little one’s first birthday party. I’ll do a post on that later, because why not (I used some Pinterest inspiration of course!).

For today, however, I want to jump on the bandwagon of a VERY popular blog (and now cookbook and app!)… You guessed it. Oh She Glows.


Oh She Glows cookbook
My copy!
Now let me start by saying that we’re neither vegan nor vegetarian, and we’re not following any specific dietary restrictions or fads. I’m just hell-bent on having us eat as healthfully as possible (without breaking the bank). I suppose that in loving the recipes we’ve tried so far, it’s a great testament that many (if not all) of the recipes are tasty and filling enough for the average omnivore.

We haven’t had many of the recipes as of yet, and some I’ve modified a touch or added meat as the optional protein (hubby and tofu are not friends), but they’ve all turned out great and the modifications are such, that the recipe would retain the nutrition and flavour of the original.


Raspberry Mousse Chia Bowl
Screencap from the OSG app… yum!!
Now, onto the first review: the Raspberry Mousse Chia Bowl. Now, I can’t seem to find this exact recipe on the blog, as I got it from the app, but the chia pudding component is here or here or on page 225 in the book and the mousse component seems to be in the app only. Sorry for not having any of my own pictures, I just always forget to take one before devouring this for breakfast.


  • Original Yield: 3 servings
  • Actual Yield: 3 servings

Prep Time:

  • Original Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Actual Prep Time: 10-20 minutes (less time if you skip the mousse)

Cook/Chill Time:

  • Original Cook/Chill Time: 1 hour or overnight
  • Actual Cook Time: overnight (I found the chia pudding to not be quite as thick as I like it after just one hour with the given amount of milk)

Notes or Comments:

  • I’m sure it’s been said a hundred times, but if you aren’t a fan of the tapioca consistency, skip this recipe. I love tapioca, so it was a win for me.
  • The first time I made this I was out of avocado so I skipped the mousse component and had the pudding with granola and fresh fruit. You NEED an acidic fruit like kiwi or berries for this pudding otherwise the creaminess can be a bit overwhelming. I ended up adding extra fruit half-way through eating. I’d skip the banana for this one.
  • If you make the mousse, you can go easy on the fresh fruit, as it’s the perfect compliment to the chia pudding.
  • I don’t have the time as of right now to make my own almond milk, so I’ve made this recipe with store-bought almond milk (if you use sweetened, skip the maple syrup sweetener!) as well as plain cow’s milk (I used half of the maple syrup). Both options gave me a creamy, decadent pudding perfect for topping with fruit, mousse, and granola.

Verdict: Success! This is a delicious way to start your day (and it’s healthy! Yay!). This is a recipe that can be modified and adapted to your tastes (and available ingredients!). It’s simple and quick to make, especially if you’re not making your own milk, and sets up ready to eat overnight in the fridge. Just cut up some fruit, put everything together with your lunch, and you can have a filling and delicious breakfast without resorting to that box of Lucky Charms.

**Please note, the recipe for Raspberry Mousse Chia Bowl is in no way mine. The views and experiences above are my own and not endorsed/influenced by Oh She Glows or any other third party.