I’m Lucky :)

Yesterday was pretty crappy. Not much sleep from the day before (little one’s tooth was cutting through, poor thing), that time of the month, sugar cravings, and a very clingy baby made me a very grouchy lady.

What did I crave most of all? Gummy bears and cake. I had neither of course, and while I know I have ingredients to make cake, I didn’t want to do that and a normal cake wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted “fake cake”. You know, the white, preservative-filled cake with the over-sweet from-powder icing you can get at the grocery store bakery? Or the massive cakes at Costco? Yeah. That’s what I wanted.

I had decided to get a Fake Cake when I stopped by the grocery store for berries today. But guess what? They had NO Fake Cake!!! I didn’t want some delicious, proper cake! I wanted Fake Cake!

I went home dejected and texted the hubby about my dilemma. Then went on with my day.

Hubby, though, is amazing, and decided that not only did I need cake, I also need flowers. So he bought me Fake Cake on his way home from work. And he got me those gorgeous flowers.

Way to turn a grouchy wife into uber-happy wife. I’ve got the best hubby in the world. And it’s not just because of Fake Cake, but that’s one of the many reasons.


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