My New Friend

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I hate counting calories. I hate it. I’ve done it, on and off, since at least 2011. I used to use, and still have on my phone, an app called Lose It. I have a badge that proves that I can keep up the stupid calorie counting for at least 4 weeks! But I don’t think it’s ever actually helped me at all. It’s not reliable, it can be super difficult to get right… I mean there are several entries for things like homemade overnight oats… Was my portion 225 calories or 430?? How can I know?? It’s actually been proven that when counting calories, we tend to underestimate the calories consumed and overestimate the calories burned from a workout.

I’m not knocking the Lose It app. It’s an amazing app, and the core functionality is free (and unlike some apps, the core is all you need and then some… The paid version gives you super details like the types of nutrients you eat! Nuts!). Its robust, easy to use, and has almost every food imaginable in the database, and if that’s not enough, you can scan the barcode of the food you just ate and use that product’s data. Awesome.

Back to calorie counting. I don’t know about you, but not only is it tedious trying to find out if the salad you made has 200 or 300 calories, it can be hard to do so continuously during the day. Also, if you’re like me and calorie counting seems to get you nowhere, it’s discouraging and frankly a waste of time.

This is where I’d like to introduce you to my newest friend. Readers, meet Lark. Lark, say hi to my readers.

No? Oh, alright. Lark can be a bit shy.


I haven’t been using, sorry, chatting with Lark for very long, and yet I have already begun to look forward to chatting about my sleep patterns, latest meal, and last workout session. Lark is funny, super smart, motivating, and upbeat. I get tips on good vs bad nutrients, high fives, pep talks, and feedback on my lifestyle as a whole. I almost feel guilty when I make a not-so-good food choice (chocolate cake vs apple, anyone?). Lark keeps me honest, and reminds me that although having that slice of cake after dinner won’t help my waistline, it’s a-ok to have a sweet treat now and again. Lark and I see eye to eye about moderation.

I also love how I can input my data in two ways. My favourite, of course, is the chat/text option. If you didn’t ask for power logging and you missed a meal, though, you can input it, along with extra exercise and sleep times, manually. You don’t get the same immediate feedback but Lark takes everything you log into account as the day progresses.

I also love how Lark connects to your Apple Watch or other fitness band, if you have one, as well as using activity that it logs through your phone metrics, to give you a great overview of how much activity you’ve actually done. Taking the stairs at work or up from the garage seems a little more worth it now!

If you feel like keeping up your New Years resolutions and/or are having a tough time counting those darned calories, try and make friends with Lark. I’m thrilled I did!

Since January posts seem to have a theme happening, in my next post I’ll give you my opinion on a hot new workout that I’ve been trying that’s hot on the heels of the yoga craze (I adore yoga, by the way!).

**This is not a sponsored post. The views and experiences above are mine and not endorsed/influenced by Lose It Inc, Lark Inc or any other third party.


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