No More Yoga-Smell!

The good folks over at BzzAgent must think I have a body odour issue… They invited me to yet another deodorant campaign!

It’s that, or the guys and gals at Secret think I need to step up my no-sweat game.

No matter. The invite appeared in my inbox and I gratefully accepted. Why? Firstly, because I love BzzAgent. I get free products and samples, they get my (sometimes too) honest reviews… It’s win-win in my books. Secondly, I had just finished the first deodorant campaign and though it would be cool to compare two products from the same company.

I joined the campaign a day before it began, so I didn’t get a choice of product and was sent the Secret Clinical strength clear gel by default. This is actually a good thing, as the previous Secret campaign was for their new clear gel products and makes them easier for me to compare.

This product’s claim to fame:

4X Stress Sweat Protection (vs. the wetness protection required of an ordinary antiperspirant) that goes on dry or clear!

This time around I received one free sample-size of the Secret Clinical Strength clear gel deodorant in their Completely Clean scent. It isn’t an overpowering scent by any means, and it’s not unpleasant, but it’s not sweet or fruity. There are three other scents shown on their site (lavender, sport, and powder), and I’m going to assume they’re as understated as the one I tried. One star here for a nice scent.

To check their ‘4X the strength’ claim, I did the same ‘yoga test’ as I used for the other deodorant. I showered in the morning, put in the deodorant, went about my morning, did yoga, then skipped my shower and continued my day. The next day, I didn’t start my day with a shower, I skipped putting on deodorant, and I did the same routine as the day before, yoga included. Since this deodorant is supposed to be extra-strength, I ramped up the intensity of my yoga sessions for both days. On the first day I was pleasantly surprised to see no sweat stains, feel no wetness, and to not be stinky! Awesome! I could have ended this part of my test here, but I wanted to compare the product to their ’48-hour’ protection claim from the Scent Expressions line I had tried. The next day in the morning I skipped putting in deodorant and went about my day. Now, if I had been planning to leave the house I would have reapplied the deodorant, but as I was just hanging out at home with the little one I felt I wasn’t too smelly. After my yoga session, I did my check again. I was amazed to see only a small sweat stain, but I needed a shower. The clinical strength deodorant fared better against the 48-hour offering in terms of sweat stains and wetness but held up equally well in regards to keeping me from smelling like a gym sock. I’m giving it a star and a half for keeping me dry during a normal day and then some. I put on deodorant every morning anyways.

The clear gel deodorants from Secret all come in the same type of packaging, so I used the ‘one click, two swipes’ method from their previous campaign to test against their Scent Expressions line. As you can imagine, it works exactly the same. It also ensures that the product lasts about as long as my normal stick of solid deodorant. One star there.

The final star goes for not leaving any marks (white or wet). As a clear gel, I’m not surprised that there were no white marks on my shirt, but I was also happy to see that the gel didn’t leave any wet stains (another brand did).

Verdict: 4.5/5 So there you have it. This deodorant doesn’t exactly live up to its ‘4X the protection’ claim, but it’s close and it definitely does its job well. I can feel confident that whatever yoga session or meeting comes my way, there will be no embarrassing sweat stains for this girl! Next time I need a new deodorant, I’ll be picking up the lavender-scented one for sure! Thanks, Secret!

**Please note that the opinions above are my own and are not influenced by BzzAgent or Secret. I received one free sample sizes deodorant from Secret by signing up for the campaign through BzzAgent.


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