Unleashed Evil

I was going to post my review of another delicious recipe today, but in light of the terrible and heartbreaking events happening in Paris now, I will instead dedicate this post to the innocent victims and their families. And it had to happen two days after the day of Rememberance for the end of the First World War.


Peace for Paris
Peace for Paris by Banksy
I don’t have the words to describe what I feel when I hear of these attacks. It’s not the first of them and I’m sad to think that these aren’t the last. The amount of hate, pain, intolerance, rage… And more in this world makes me worry for our future. What kind of world will my little one live in?

On the other hand, I see the articles about the Parisians that have opened their homes to those that needed a place to stay. You see donations of food, clothes, medication, money… not only now but with every disaster or calamity. That gives me hope.

All of this reminds me that although evil does and will always exist, we need to focus on and try to be the good, the hope, the love that this world so desperately needs. Cliché? Maybe. True? Definitely.


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