Super Size Me?

I was sent another product from BzzAgent. They teamed up with CoverGirl and wanted some of us lucky ‘agents’ to try out and review the new Super Sizer mascara. I opted in very fast. Very, very fast.

I’m not claiming to be any kind of makeup guru. Heck, I’m not even really an Initiate Makeup Guru. But I do like and use makeup; I used it daily when I was working and only stopped because I was so tired when I was pregnant that I would have smudged my mascara all over my face (panda-style). Now that I’m getting sleep again (on the nights when teething doesn’t make it impossible), I try to wear some makeup when I go out.

Like I said, I’m not big on makeup. I don’t know how to do fancy stuff like cat-eye eyeliner or contouring (huge Pinterest buzz-words), but I do an ok job with my face. I also use very few products on a constant basis, and some I wouldn’t know how to use at all. The three products I use almost daily are lip gloss/shimmer, eye shadow, and mascara. I can make myself look pretty put-together with just that. On special occasions, I’ll use powder, lip stick, and maybe blush, and eye liner (if I have the patience). Any other product (what the hell is BB cream???) is pretty much magic to me. Before going back to work I think I’m going to have to sit through some makeup YouTube vids to get myself a bit more up-to-date.

Back to the mascara. My eyes are fairly sensitive and some brands of mascara just don’t work for me. About 5 years ago I found that Lancôme’s Hypnose worked amazingly well for me and didn’t cause my eyes any issues, so I’ve been using it since. I had never tried CoverGirl mascara before and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it at least once.

I’ve used the mascara three times so far, and I like it! I don’t know that I’ll be replacing my Hypnose with it, but I’ll definitely keep using it and I won’t buy a new tube of Hypnose until I finish my Super Sizer. I’ve had no sensitivity issues at all, so I’m thrilled. It’s definitely nice to know that there’s at least one other mascara brand that I can wear (in the event something happens to the Hypnose line).

The claim-to-fame for this product is the following:

The Super Sizer Mascara from COVERGIRL gives 400% bigger volume for full, fanned out lashes. Get that dramatic look; falsies and glue need not apply.

So the first time I wore this mascara, hubby didn’t notice right away. Which is fine (I’m serious. It’s no big deal for me. It was just some mascara). When he did notice, he was amazed at how long, full, and overall amazing my lashes looked. Now, since I don’t have a formula to calculate how much fuller my lashes looked compared to my non-mascara lashes (or compared to the Hypnose mascara), I can only say that my lashes were significantly fuller. 400%? Maybe. Full, fanned out lashes? Yes! I’ll give that 1 1/2 stars.

Would I need falsies? I don’t think so… Not that I’d know how to apply them anyways. But the volume I got would probably nix the need for falsies. Another star there.

The sensitivity factor is super important fir me, and since I haven’t had any problems with this mascara irritating my eyes, I’ll have to add a star. This criterion isn’t part of the campaign but since it’s critical to me, I’m including it.

The last point I want to discuss is the application. This mascara has a how-to video. Using it isn’t 100% intuitive. That in and of itself made me a bit wary. I watched the video a couple of times before trying the mascara. I’m not sure I did it right, anyways. I found the mascara to be clumpy during application and I had to comb my lashes out after they dried for them to fan out nicely. I can only give a half-star for this, and I’m hesitant to do so.

Verdict: 4/5 stars. I like this mascara. It looks awesome (super awesome) once you’ve managed to get it on right, and it’s good for sensitive eyes. I comb through my lashes after applying mascara anyways, so that wasn’t a huge deal, but the wand and oddly difficult way of using the wand (it’s not just a simple twirl from what I understood) makes it so this won’t be my number one mascara. I’ll be sure to finish off my tube, but I think I’ll be going back to my Lancôme Hypnose mascara afterwards.

**Please not that the opinions above are my own and are not influenced by BzzAgent or CoverGirl. I received one free full-size Super Sizer mascara in Black from CoverGirl by signing up for the campaign through BzzAgent.


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