Now for Something a Little Different…

Before creating my first post, I had been thinking about exactly how to do this blog… When to update, what to include, etc. You know… The logistics. After giving it some thought I decided to start this blog and see where it went. Of course, the more I thought about it and the more content I found, I realized that I needed some kind of schedule. I didn’t want to post three days in a row and then have nothing to put up for a week. That’s something that has bothered me with a few of the blogs I personally follow, and I have vowed to not do the same to any of my readers. So, after thinking some more and figuring out how much time I can devote and how long my posts take, etc etc, I have decided to post recipe reviews 3 times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and have the weekend open to do a different kind of post: maybe a book review, a guest post, a recipe of my own, or even a product post.

That’s what today’s post is, actually. For quite a few years, I’ve been a member of BzzAgent, a site that sends out samples, coupons, or even full products from companies in exchange for honest feedback. I know they take more than just the praise, because I’ve tried a few products that didn’t live up to the hype and have said so, and the review I provided was publicised anyways. That makes me happy.

I rate the products on the BzzAgent site on a 5-star scale; I give a star when the product meets my expectations, two for when it exceeds them, and I take stars away when the product falls short on a promise.

Since there’s a place to link your blog on BzzAgent and since this blog has reviews on it anyways (not exactly the same, I know, but hey, I only get a couple things a year from BzzAgent anyways, so might as well share them), I decided to add the odd product review to my weekend post rotation. I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

One such product that I was sent last month was the Secret Clear Gel deodorant. Here’s the supposed claim to fame for this product:

Secret Outlast Clear Gel provides 48 hours of sweat and odour protection with no white marks with one click and two swipes.

I was given 2 sample-sized deodorants. Looking at them, I honestly thought I’d barely have enough to give the product a good review. I was pleasantly surprised when I tossed the very first one out today… It lasted as long as my usual stick deodorant. It gets a star there… One click and two swipes was definitely all I needed. No white marks? Check and star… Although if a clear deodorant makes white marks, there’s a bit of an issue.

Now for the 48-hour protection… The sweat protection is definitely there, but not for 48 hours. And the odour protection doesn’t quite go the distance either. I’m not someone that sweats a lot, even when I work out (aka do yoga). I did a test where I put on my deodorant in the morning as usual, went about my day, did yoga, and didn’t shower afterwards. I checked my underarms after my workout… No sweat stains! There was a mild odour, though. Nothing terrible, but I could smell it. So no star for the odour protection. That evening, I still had no sweat stains (yay!). The next morning, I did not put any deodorant on (I usually do) and I began to go about my day again. After another round of yoga, I had sweat-stains and I definitely needed a shower. I decided to call my experiment quits there, as it couldn’t possibly get any better. So I showered… And that’s two stars I can’t give to the deodorant. One star left to give… The scent. I mean, who wants a stinky deodorant? The scent the BzzAgents were given was Cocoa Butter Kiss, which smells yummy!! I’m going to give one of the other scents a try when I run out of deodorant. So that’s another star for the Secret Clear Gel deodorant.

Verdict: 3/5. This product smells great, doesn’t leave any white marks (great for someone who wears black as often as I do!), and lasts about as long as your typical stick deodorant. And while it doesn’t live up to the 48-hour sweat and odour protection promise, it will get you through the day no problem (just make sure to shower after yoga, ok?).
So there you have it! My first weekend post, and the new schedule for when you can expect great (or not-so-great) things from me. Hopefully you’ll check in tomorrow… I have a delicious sweet and sour chicken recipe I can’t wait to tell you about!

**Please not that the opinions above are my own and are not influenced by BzzAgent or Secret. I received two free sample sized deodorants from Secret by signing up for the campaign through BzzAgent.


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