Un ‘Quickie’ Français

You know how your grandma, or even maybe your mom, has those quick, no-fuss, no-brainer recipes, usually for some sort of baked good and usually from back home (wherever in the world that may be)? You know which one I’m talking about… The one that takes no more than 10 minutes to whip together and is usually done in one bowl with that wooden spoon from the back of the utensil drawer. The one that always seems to taste amazing even though it’s made with the simplest ingredients. The one with no written recipe. That’s the type of dessert I made the other day… And it was gone in under 24 hours!

Let me start by saying that I LOVE French cuisine. Be it the light and buttery croissant, a juicy seared duck breast with an au jus over a potato mash, or a crisp-topped crème brûlée, with its creamy centre and just the right level of sweetness, French cuisine has an air of sophistication I don’t seem to get from any other kind of food. So when I saw this recipe for a slightly non-traditional clafoutis (they use raspberries instead of cherries, quel surpris!) I figured I had to try it.

This Raspberry Clafoutis is simple, delectable, creamy, sweet, and the raspberries add just the perfect hint of tartness. Everything is mixed in one bowl (always a nice bonus), and the ingredients are such that you almost certainly have them all in your kitchen and pantry as we speak. It takes about 5 minutes to prepare and then it gets popped into the oven. That’s it. No fuss. No specialized tools. Simple ingredients. Amazing dessert.

This recipe, unlike the others I’ve reviewed, is not one created or adapted by a blogger. It’s from Food and Wine Magazine, which has professionally created and tested recipes, so it’s rare that I’ll be reviewing something from a site like it. This recipe turned out so amazingly well, thought, that I figured I might as well share it with you.

Let’s get to it!


  • Original Yield: 1 9-inch gratin dish
  • Actual Yield: 1 8-in x 8-in baking dish

Prep Time:

  • Original Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Actual Prep Time: 7 minutes (how was this supposed to take 20 minutes? It’s so quick!)

Baking Time:

  • Original Baking Time: 30 minutes
  • Actual Baking Time: 35 minutes (this probably has something to do with my baking dish being glass and square)

Notes or comments from the author:

  • The recipe says to make this in a 9 inch gratin dish… Which is fine if you have a gratin dish… I don’t. I do have an 8in x 8in baking dish, though, and that’s what I used. It turned out fine, of course, though I think the baking time would have been exactly 30 minutes if my baking dish wasn’t clear, and/or if it was oval like a standard gratin dish. If I ever get one, I’ll update this post.
  • This recipe uses lemon zest, which works great. I have also tried it while replacing the lemon zest with vanilla extract (about 1 tablespoon), which works just as well (minor flavour difference).

Verdict: Success! Like I mentioned above, this is a pro’s recipe, but it’s so easy and delicious I just had to tell you all about it. It was so good, in fact, that I wasn’t even able to snap a picture of the finished product before hubby and I had eaten half! Oops!

 Raspberry Clafoutis 
 **Please note, the recipe for Raspberry Clafoutis is in no way mine. The views and experiences above are mine and not endorsed/influenced by Food and Wine or the authors/creators or any other third party.


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